Maddy Lim is the creator and founder of KpopX Fitness, an innovative award-winning program created to challenge the Dance/Fitness industries. KpopX Fitness is the direct application of Maddy’s unique set of skills, experience and background to design commercial music and combine it with an intensive and creative cardio workout without having the song going through remixing (a common practice used to make a pop song suitable for dance fitness classes).

KpopX Fitness is not your traditional dance fitness program. Maddy believes that each song should be given a unique impression and personality to suit the theme and, at the same time, fulfill the fitness element of intensity. She successful created many creative Low impact High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) moves in the making of KpopX Fitness.  Low impact High intensity Interval trainings allows for lesser impact on knees & yet enable one to experience a maximum calorie burn! (During & after a workout!)

However, the main problem wasn’t just the dance fitness component. Over the years, Maddy observed that the traditional structure of aerobic programs has its flaws, and that’s why she decided to reinvent the rules. She studied, applied and fine-tuned the structure of these unique choreographies for several years and after collaborating with multiple musicians to design dance fitness choreographies.

In early 2012, Maddy started studying the concept of infusing K-Pop MV moves into fitness (calling it “kpopdanz”) and launched her first class in Dec 2012. In June 2013, she set up Dan-Z Fitness Pte Ltd and rebranded as “KpopX Fitness” and the program is a success & demand quickly skyrocketed, spreading like wild fire in local community centres. Being a new program, KpopX Fitness generated half a million dollars in revenue in year 2015 and invested 70%-80% into KpopX Trainers’ salaries and welfare.

In less than 3 years, the program boomed to island-wide popularity, received multiple awards and the demand extended overseas. Currently, the program is adopted by local government agencies including the Health Promotion Board, People Association and Sports Singapore and quickly became an all-time favourite, a new generation workout.

Maddy Lim didn’t stop there. As her program grew internationally and locally, she went on to win the PA Trainer Silver Award 2015 and KpopX Fitness won the best Best Dance Fitness in Shape Magazine’s Shape Sports Award 2015. In Singapore, the program stands along international programs, have an astonishing high number of participation.

Today, KpopX Fitness is an award-winning highly sought after dance fitness choreography program that excels in creativity, simplicity and intensity. One of the reasons for that is due to Maddy’s background and the way she applies it to her job and program.

She holds a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) from the University of Southern Queensland and has won a gold medal and Dean’s Commendation for Outstanding Achievement as well as a Faculty Prize. As a Veteran curriculum developer for more than a decade, she has worked with established originations. For 8+ years she worked as a Pre-hospital Paramedic & Mentor, learning pre-hospital medical care.

This unique background gives her a powerful edge of Psychology acumen,, anatomical knowledge, sports excellence & the ability to design a good structure and curriculum make her dance fitness program the success it is today.

From youth to adulthood, she won 8 sportswoman awards. Such as the Singapore Civil Defense Force Sportswomen for 4 consecutive years, she was also the 1st Runner up in “HUSRA Biathlon” and “Hong Kong Cross Country Run World Firefighters’ Game”

Maddy Lim now frequently travels and is invited to neighboring countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei to give KpopX Fitness previews and instructor courses. KpopX Fitness has been presented at Asia Fitness Conference & Expo 2015(Bangkok), Sports & fitness Asia 2015 (Singapore), SCOREFIT (Malaysia KL) 2015 & International Fitness & Health Expo (GOIFEX) 2016 and with more to come!

Dan-Z Fitness Pte Ltd, a fast growing Company with an established brand, is the maker of the program, KpopX Fitness, the latest trendiest dance fitness workout incorporating Korean pop (K-Pop) dance moves and using catchy KPop music that appeals to everyone.

The program was created in Dec 2012 and then it rapidly grew in popularity. The program also includes three other specialisations KpopX Lite for seniors, KpopXKids, KpopX Family Bonding & KpopX – Abs

Dan-Z Fitness Pte Ltd is focused on training people who are interested to become KpopX trainers and ensure their competency in conducting training to anyone keen in this dance fitness program.

People Association Operator since Sept 2013.

KpopX Fitness  is introduced in Community Clubs (CC) islandwide starting Sept 2013 and Dan-Z Fitness is incharge of the KpopX Fitness classes running in more than 40 CCs spread across Singapore. All classes are conducted by our certified Trainers.

Singapore Active Sg Operator since June 2014

KpopX is introduced in Singapore Sport Centres in June 2014 and Dan-Z Fitness Pte Ltd is the provider of the KpopX  program in all Sports Centres. Currently our Trainers conduct KpopX in SportSg centres across Singapore.