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Adrenaline?| By?TTS

BEST DANCE FITNESS! Shape Magazine’s Shape Sports Award 2015 Winner!

Straitstimes – Mind Your Body 29 May 2014

KpopX in 98.7FM

Listen to KpopX in 98.7FM thoughout the year of 2015!!

Yahoo News – Ex-Manhunt Singapore winner Jason Chee turns K-pop dance fitness coach

It's ok for muscle-bound guys to bust out a sexy dance move or two, says former Manhunt Singapore winner Jason Chee.

Media Mobile Site

LianHe Wan Bao


Razor TV – Aerobic Makeover for K-pop (KpopX)

Razor TV – Sorry Sorry, Sweaty Sweaty (KpopX)

Super Junior may be able to look cool and suave while executing their moves, but this KpopX version will leave you hot and sweaty.

Razor TV – Yoo Hoo, Aerobics for you? (KpopX)

Look cute and exercise at the same time with this version of Secret's Yoo Hoo!

LianHe Zao Bao – “哈韩” 韵律操 男女老幼都能跳

Channel U

InSing – Tried & Tested: KpopX Fitness


Teenage Magazine

Be My Guest Blogs

Who would have thought that K-pop aerobic classes would be so much fun? To be honest, I am not a fan of K-pop. The thought of Gangnam Style? and sychronized dance performances, with performers that you honestly can?t tell apart , just does not appeal to me. Yet it is taking the world by storm, [...]

KpopX Fitness -Lite (for seniors) Event

KPopX Fitness -Family at Shopping Mall Workout

Keppelfel Active Day (MASS WORKOUT)

NUS – Aerobics Club

Eastspring Sec School (SCHOOL)

KpopX goes to K.C Primary School (SCHOOL)

KpopX Fitness goes to Qihua School (SCHOOL)

D’artistics KpopX Fitness Class (CLASS)

How to do mirroring

How to do proper squat

How to do side lunges

How to do forward lunges

High Vs Low impact. Do it yourself

How to do wide leg squats

Do Squats, toilet humour

#22 Box Step

#21 Easy Walk

#20 Step Touch

#19 One leg steps forward, the other steps back

#18 One leg step back

#17 Alternate leg step out to side

#16 Alternate leg step back

#15 Side tap

#14 Alternate leg cross back

#13 Move feet inwards and outwards

#12 Diagonal alternate step out

#11 Crossed leg front walk

#10 123 hop

#9 Alternate side lunges

#8 Alternate leg tip top

#7 One step forward and back

#6 Cross leg tap

#5 Gliding side to side