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Public Tutorial 2017

viewTutorial Basic 8Moving Same or Opposite Arms with Legs
viewTutorial Basic 1 Side Tap, Step Touch
viewTutorial Basic 2Step Out, Step Squat
viewTutorial Basic 3Step and Drag
viewTutorial Basic 4Step front and Step Back
viewTutorial Basic 5Step front and Step Back (same leg)
viewTutorial Basic 6Foot Tap out 45 Degrees, Kicking Forward
viewTutorial Basic 7Leg Kick back


More Tips for you!

  • Have patience, give yourself time! It can be quite normal to experience lesser intensity in lesson 1. The trick is to just follow and not be too overly conscious of your movements! Enjoy the cardio workout!
  • ¬†Keep going on regular basis, by lesson 4 to 6, you should feel a difference – better coordination, able to move faster, most reported “more-sweating!” Woohoo!
  • ¬†Enjoy and have fun working out to KpopX Fitness!