FOR Certified KpopX Trainers – FAQ on SC etc. 

What jobs can a new trainer do?

Not just Dan-Z fitness Pte Ltd,  Lots of organisations e.g company or service providers  and more like gym, pte dance studio will want to hire a competent KpopX Fitness instructor! New trainers can apply jobs with them and within our own community, start with doing reliefs, Short term, ad hoc, schools assignments before maturing and apply for PA/SC trainer.

New trainers without dance fitness backgrounds should start with volunteering, shadows or assist trainers first to learn more about the fitness industry & gain more confident. New trainers should they want to apply for leading jobs  under Dan-Z Fitness Pte Ltd will need to take assessment 20min (refer to K-member videos on assessment- under resources).

If you approach pte studios or gyms or have your own clients to hire you, it is up to them to conduct their interviews, assessment etc. Enquire with them.  Your private clients will not need to pay Dan-z fitness pte ltd for any license fee and it is between you and them.


1. REGISTRATION FOR SPORT CENTRES – the process has changed in year 2018 June.

We will post the available classes out in instructor group 1 subscribers’ group.

step 1 – Trainer decided on a planned class with any Sport Centre (Planned at least 1.5 month ahead)
step 2 – trainer to registered an active sg account at
step 2b – trainer to download DAN-Z FITNESS contract and send it to dan-z fitness together with first aid, cpr cert (if you have not yet done so. This Dan-Z Fitness contract is same as the above community centre contract – post to us one time is good enough)
step 3-  dan-z fitness go into system to approve Trainer and then submit “schedule” to trainer to accept the class
step 4 – HQ approve or disapprove the “schedule”
step 5 – The Sport centre approved and set link  up for sign up.
Step 6 – trainer to start promoting the link (class) for sign up

see  video instruction >


2. Becoming a PA Trainer in Community Centres

In Yr 2019, Dan-Z Fitness is no longer PA operator for CC, so trainers will need to apply as an individual PA Trainer directly w People Association.

Like all jobs, go to CC People association website and search for PA Trainers Application form. Note in Yr 2020, they need instructors to have at least 2 years of teaching fitness dance experience (not dance) in order to become their PA Trainer for Fitness Dance like Kpop X Fitness, Zumba etc.

In – Instructors’ Account – Resources – you can download “Course Proposal Form” and copy the course description into your PA Trainer Application Form(Get latest from PA website).

Once you send in your cert/form/resume (do mention all the classes/relief/community  involvement or any events as fitness instructor) and PA will contact you for interview.

Once you become a PA Trainer, typically the pay goes like this

Community Centre takes 35% , trainer takes 65% profit sharing for a class.
Trainer will have to do marketing of class.
CC provides the studio, sign up link.

Sometimes CC/RC will hire trainer on a fix pay for events/Zooms etc. Different CCs operate differently.

PA Trainer can approach by writing into CC or call up CC coordinator, introduce yourself and your course  and ask if CC will like to start the classes for them

Above info is updated on 27 Nov 20. – please do check for update with PA HQ or website.



How to write to CCs to start Kpop X

2.1 Email Sample for Coordinators

Dear Coordinator,
Hi, As spoken before over our tele-conversation, I am writing in to confirm the starting of KpopX Fitness class in XXX Community centre please,  . Please see the details below,program: KPOPX FITNESS
Date :  5 May 2018 ( Every Monday)
Time : 7pm to 750pm
Duration : 4 sessions.     (later on we can change to  8 sessions when we gather enough regulars please)
Instructor : Jane Lim Hp: 123232xxx
Member price : 4 sessions for $50 , non member $60. ( Or non member price – CC can decide please)
Minimum pax to start : 6 pax please.

I deeply appreciate and grateful to the opportunity given. If you can please set up the registration link on the for public to register please  and please feel free to call me at xxxxxx if require.

Thank you.

Trainer ABC


2.2 Special Reminder for Opening up your own Class

  • Special reminder ;
    Do not make empty promises like telling your coordinator, you can get many many sign-ups when you can’t (Say I will do my best to market and really mean what you say please). In the past, we had received complaints from the CC/SC coordinators saying the trainer promises to sign up, and then “disappear” become uncontactable when near course date and there are only 3-4 signs up, leaving the coordinator without a trainer.  The trainer should have apologized and continue to teach the small class and learn to build- numbers- up. Or should have called in a week earlier, apologize and discuss if cancellation is allowed.
    Also please don’t use students as leverage to complain against the centres staff, please. A good trainer is also a peacemaker and facilitates good working relationships between customers and center staff. CC/SC needs a lot of commitment and dedication, also CC/SCs expect trainers to be highly professional and work within their rules/regulations (many many rules), this is because when you have hundreds/thousand of staff, you cannot be making an exception for every cases. You need a set of rules so everyone knows what to do, what not to do and overall, the whole system runs properly and smoothly behind the set of governing rules. (or principles). E.g in CC, if you were to start or end class late by 1 min when being audited, you can end up writing a long report and have to explain yourself. There are many Don’ts than Dos.You are not suitable for this job if you like to do it your own way, a rule breaker, think outside box too much and unable to think for other people working alongside you. You have to think of being a whole, respect organisation rules, working well with others, your gain (e.g many sign up for you, may be inconveniences for counter staff ( overwhelm w requests/signs up) so to solve problems , is to direct all to link and sign up and help answer enquiries.if you are not ready, then work for smaller operation studios/gyms first, or corporate clients first. Keep it easy first.

a) SC/ corporate is used to 1-hour timing so what should I do?
What to do when CC/SC centres request for one hour timing, Dan-Z Fitness did send our program 50min to HQs since the start of the classes for endorsement. As instructor, we advise you to do the followings, Start SHARP ON TIME by announcing to class KpopX Fitness is a 50min program.   Teach, explain steps or KpopX Fitness is.., mirror images at the beginning (you can teach warm up steps or for example – song 3 steps). After song 7, participants will have a water break and instructors will teach the next fitness dance steps (that takes about 5min).End class can ask for intensity feedbacks too – use fingers method so whole class can respond to you (in >educational video >check intensity with class) Finally, you can also explain to class the reasons we are a 50min program is because there is a unique fitness formula in it.  (This is provided you are also good with intermittent trainings with songs arrangements – learn your song arrangements)

Remember, when you are able to teach confidently and talk about clients’ benefits, you present yourself as a good fitness instructor and build good rapport.
 b) Why is KpopX Fitness only 50min and not 1 hour?
KpopX Fitness is designed to be an effective fitness workout that allows one to achieve cardiorespiratory benefits. We advise to keep the fitness routine as it is to achieve the best out of it. An efficient & interesting KpopX workout that yield results with much lesser time will help you as an organizer to draw more interests in signing up too.

2.3 Minimum Pax to Start up SC Class

 Is there a minimum pax to start class with?

Discuss with your coordinator – The recommendation is 8 pax and you can suggest this to the coordinator. Different Centres have different criteria and standards so please be very sure to check with coordinators. Be polite, be understanding. Avoid being demanding. Check the tone of your email, don’t use an abbreviation, don’t use all capital letters ( IT MEANS SHOUTING), or best make a polite phone call instead. (Never call on Monday blues)

For Sports Centres- usually is 8 pax to start a class. (Check with your centre please)

 We have had excellent trainers started with only 4 pax and successfully build a full house over 6 months, you must have patience and learn marketing & sales skills. 

3. Maximum Pax for SC Class

 What is the maximum pax for the class?As many as the studio or room can accommodate.

 4. Who will provide Sound Systems/ Speakers

Are there sound system provided?It depends on the centre. If there is none, you will have to bring yours. Be sure to check with your coordinator. If you have no speaker and have no wish to invest in one, then it is advisable not to take up the class and quickly decline the job so we can hand it to another trainer.

 5. How to Market My SC Class

How do I market and grow my class? There will always be customers leaving so it is important the incoming must be more than the outgoing.  There are sales & marketing videos and materials  in K-membership system. Be sure to learn them and if you are shy about marketing and sales, or still inexperienced in this, you are advised to go for corporate jobs or fixed pay jobs first. Centres from CC/SC needs assertive trainers that are comfortable in constantly marketing their classes and  getting customers to come. Be prepare to spend money on marketing and publicity.

6. Commitments for KpopX Fitness Trainers

What are the commitments needed by me?You must commit to the class teachings for minimum of  1 year and avoid being absent unless absolutely necessary. We notice that just merely 1 relief out of 8 sessions can actually impact on your  class subsequent signs up. Have you noticed that when you took an absence, the next session, you have lesser students showing up in your class?

If you cannot commit to regular attendance, then please do not apply for CC/SC jobs or any perm classes. Go for ad-hoc jobs & short terms assignments that suit your availability.

7. Help from SC

How can the SC help me?

  • Poster putting up, online registration. Please politely ask the coordiator for help in putting the course up for online registration ASAP.   Go to the website search under KpopX Fitness, look for  your class being made available for registrations then send the link to everyone!
  • Centres sometimes will run free events for the residents living around centres to come check out courses. This is the best time for you to volunteer, seize the opportunities  and showcase your skills and always announce to the crowd to come and sign up your class – it’s a no brainer! Best marketing and sales opportunity! – The more you make yourself known in the neighbourhood ,the better for you!

8. Trial Classes for your perm classes

 Can I conduct Free Trial Class? Yes, with your coordinator’s permission. Each Centres may have their own rules and regulations. Remember you are not allowed to collect money from students (a serious offence), please refer to Trainers’ contract for PA/SC.

9 How to submit and Take my Pay (Trainers’ salary)

Download timesheet at – Resources.

SC – It takes minimum 1 to 2 months .Sports centres send details to HQ, HQ process the payment and then send to Dan-Z Fitness, then Dan-Z Fitness tallies it to your claim.

Corporate jobs –  fixed pay, temp assignments , please submit monthly or end of your assignments, Please take invoice number from customer officer dan-z fitness pte ltd.

ALL Timesheets are to submit between 25th  and by 3rd of month. Late timesheet will not be processed as our accountants are part timers and only come in to work during this period to clear the timesheets. All pay you will receive by 15th of every month.

 10a. PAY -how to calculate my pay SC.

video playlist copy and paste in new browser >

For Sports Centres commission, please note the new revision for KpopX classes under Dan-Z Fitness Pte Ltd (Updated June2020)

  • NOW covid times it is 100% Fr SC, Dan-z Fitness 15% and trainer gets 85%. (till we get notice to revert back to usual scheme)

a) Dan-Z Fitness charges only 15% commission to cover our operating costs.

Example of calculation:

When SC Gives Dan-Z Fitness 100% course fee
Dan-Z  GETS 15%.
then 85% will go to instructor. each student pays $96 for 8 sessions.
5 pax students =$51 per session.
10 students  = $102 per session

When SC revert back to Dan-Z Fitness 80%, DAN-Z Gets 15%
then 65% will go to instructor, each student $96 for 8 sessions
for 5 pax students =$39 per session
10 students = $78 per session.

All previous/current commission schemes will cease with immediate effect and follow the above. 


10b) PAY claim/ TIMESHEET  for Sports Centres.

Trainers need to wait 1 to 2 months for payment to be processed.
This is a rough procedure as the dates your class fall on (before or after system cut off dates matter)
– Jan – trainers did 4 classes
– Feb – 1 month period for HQ to process
– Following month – in the Mid – the Statement of Account ( it’s a “pay slips” for all trainers) email to Dan-Z Fitness.
– Our Staff – starts to send these screenshots to trainers
–  Trainers claim based on these screenshots ( send in your timesheet) .
–  screenshot will show you how many number of students in your class – please key in accordingly. e.g total course fee is always $96. x no of student.
– submit your timesheet by 3rd of every month. (Late timesheet will not be processed)

If staff didn’t send you screenshots, you can check with our staff JD, but in short expect 1 to 2 months of processing. Often once Dan-Z Fitness receives from HQ, we will give out ASAP to trainers to claim in that month. If after 2 months, you still have missing payments please email to us with exact dates, class, centres for our investigation please.


  • VERY IMPORTANT – take a pic of attendance lesson 1 or lesson 2.
    Take a photograph of your attendance – it is a proof of number of pax signed up in your class. If the name is not reflected printed in the attendance, it may not show up as your pay. Note, only people can join your class in lesson 1 and lesson 2. Lesson 3 if they join, the system may not show up and it is not in your pay so only allow sign up in lesson 1 and lesson 2 please.
  • There are cases, attendance, students wrote down in pen and system has no record and this means trainer does not get pay. make sure it is recorded in the system please as paid student.
  • Send in your attendance pic along with timesheet for us to check the number of pax too. 


If you decide not to take the classes, pls give the classes back to Dan-Z Fitness so we can give this “rice-bowl” to another one who needs it. Much like how you receive jobs/classes from others in the first place. Pass the good karma around.  Please know that it is also likely SC coordinator will give the class away too so give it back to us. 

 Please do not claim ownership of the classes as you have signed a contract with us.

For Corporate jobs – it is. a fixed pay – so please take invoice number from our Customer officer /admin. and

Please see these videos on how to claim pay (you can get timesheet from > resources. )
video playlist copy and paste in new browser >

 11. Open and Schedule a Class for Participant’s Convenience

Can I liaise and open a new kpopx fitness class and schedule the classes to my own or participants conveniences ?

Yes but please bear in mind that the classes are rightfully belong to Dan- Z Fitness Pte Ltd and you are not the “owner” of the class. You will not be be able to switch the class to another program and must return back to Dan-z fitness if you later on wish to stop teaching. Dan-Z fitness will then assign another trainer to the slot.

12. Postponing a Class due to Emergency

If I cannot make if for the class due to emergency, can I postpone that lesson to another week?

Please get a relief trainer to cover – ensure he or she meets the criteria (is KpopX fitness certified, a k-member, First aid cert, cpr-aed, pass assessment etc.). Avoid hassling the coordinator by cancelling last minute or postpone the class. We have many competent trainers in our group chat.  It is also a good practice & courtesy to  pay the relief trainer immediately after the lesson. (Yes, even before you got your pay).  If your case is urgent, the trick to finding relief at the very last minute is to offer a good rate & perhaps even cab-fare.

13. What happen if I want to Quit my SC/CC Class

 What if I want to terminate my appointment for my class

The class rightfully belongs and to return to Dan-Z Fitness Pte Ltd.There are two ways, you will need to inform our coordiator first.

  • Ensure you give ample notice – 2 months of resignation.
  • YOU can quickly send a message on WhatsApp to KpopX Admin and admin will be the one to post it to the K-member G1 and get Dan-Z Fitness PA Trainer to take over. If that trainer is agreeable, he or she can take over your class ASAP.
  • Kindly indicate the following details in your message
  •  Looking for PA KPOPX Trainer to take over my perm class at xxx centre.
  •      Venue :
  •      Time:
  •      Start date :
  •      Current or potential sign up :
  •      60% profit sharing, class under Dan-Z Fitness/ 
  •    You must pass assessment, CPR/AED, Standard first aid cert.
  •    commit to at least 6months.
  •    Kindly PM me if keen.
  • If we received more than 1 trainer biding for your jobs, please take note that the company will be the one to decide the trainer to takeover.
  • Be professional, be helpful and hand over to the incoming trainer, tell him or she all she needs to know.
  • Inform, Dan-Z Fitness,  Centre coordinator in person or phonecall then follow up and email a formal notice, thank the coordinator , inform who is incoming trainer and cc Dan-Z Fitness Pte Ltd.
  • Finally – email to to remove your name from the classes on our website too.

You want to leave the door open and leave behind a good reputation by doing a proper handover to centre, companies and to incoming trainer. Fitness industry is very small, and centres or studios owners do ask for referrals so to consider hiring or not. Being professional no matter where you are at will ensure that you are highly employable.

14. Potential Pitfalls to Avoid

Do Not do this- these are potential pitfalls.

14. 1 What Happen if I can’t suddenly do the Job

Inconsideration -last minute “throw” to us to solve the problems, example, the class is starting in few days time and the trainer suddenly wants to leave. The coordinator may have to quickly do a refund or call up students to cancel – this is inconsideration.

14.2 Cancellation of SC Class

Poaching of classes or cancellation of the classes without handing back to Dan-z Fitness. Handing back to Dan-z fitness ensure the jobs are keep going out to others and it is a good practice or karma – jobs that others cannot do will come back to you in future.

14.3 Can I Pass SC Class to other Trainers

Passing the class to your friend or new incoming trainer without teaching experiences. There have been countless of cases  when trainers upon leaving their classes for good, decide to pass it to their friend. 1)  Please note you have no authority to decide on the trainer without asking Dan-Z Fitness Pte Ltd for permission. 2) You are also being biased.  3) If your friend is new and have no prior teaching experience, you are actually giving your friend a heavy duty- imagine she/he walks into a class of regulars and these regulars knows more choreographies and pro-skills than the new trainer. New & inexperienced trainers are better off taking a new class and build his or her skills from there.
Do you know?  Before Dan-Z Fitness Pte Ltd approve the replacement perm trainer we usually consider these – does the incoming trainer have enough experience or similar styles to match the outgoing trainer ? Does this incoming trainer has the ability & skills to retain not all but most of the students or capable of building up more? Importantly we also do a short interview to ensure this incoming trainer has stomach to face the worst, is committed and process marketing & sales skills.


 14.4 New Trainer taking up many Perm Class

New Trainers eagerly taking on many perm classes for a start then experienced burnout fast & gave up classes later on – often this impulsive act causes a lose-lose situation for companies and clients. Our advise – focus on your first class, learn the skills, learn from mistakes. Your sales and marketing skills must improve too and it is easier to market and call out people to go to your one class, learn to increase number of participants in that one class first before trying to market seven classes at one go.  Have patience. Dan-Z Fitness will refuse to give new trainers more classes due to this reason. We want to see improvements, commitment before hiring you for more CC/SC classes and ultimately we are also doing it in everyone’s interests.

Be Professional, Have Patience. Be mature and a good teamplayer- if you want more jobs, then be skilful, be the best, – learn sales and marketing, networking, learn to see your own mistakes and do corrections, learn not to give hassles, and you will be highly sought after no matter what field you are in.

You get what you want when people like you. 

15. Shadowing in SC perm classes

Extra Note:

Please be informed of followings:

1) First, know that Sports Centres (SC) are under different organizations People Association and Active Sg and at the moment, all perm classes are under Dan-Z Fitness Pte Ltd operator (under us)

2) Instructors that work in these centers/classes must always deliver the best service to participants.

3) This is why trainers are not allowed to let participants or learning trainers lead in the classes, *exceptions are given to our Mentors and founder *

Then again, even Mentors and founders must exercise caution and balance between giving the best to classes and coaching the new trainers. Mentors are encouraged to co-lead together or ensure leading trainers 100% accurate in choreographies before letting them lead.

please do not lead in CC/SC classes even if the trainer asks you to, please kindly report to us if the trainer did break the rules.

To get opportunities to lead:

1) join events or wait for our posting here esp in Group 1 -subscribed members- when trainers openly called for shadows opportunities.

2 )Join founder and mentors classes – tell them you want to learn.

3) Mentors like Jaenny and Wen Jie – they do run one-to-one coaching . each session is $60
kindly enquire with them.

4) always look at – tutorials. no programs explain so clearly and break it down like we do.
Thank you.



Go > login > Resources > SG trainer only > assessment form and mentor lists

16.2Assessment for Shadow Trainers

Assessment -for shadow trainers who want to become leading trainers and teach under Dan-Z Fitness Job. 

  • Learn 7 songs – as if you are doing first half of lesson.
  • Be good at song arrangement – warm up, moderate intense…. song 7 high intense etc.
  • download skill checklist from K-member resources
  • assessment is 20min and engage a mentor ( mentor details below – end page) $25 per assessment
  • See the assessment and skill videos in K-member. > go educational and/or resources.
  • if you only want to take kpopx fitness- LITE assessment – yes you can. but you will not be able to do lead for kpopx fitness once you pass the Lite. You have to re-take again.
  • Please note any other employers (not Dan-Z Fitness Pte ltd) e.g gym, dance studios, if they want to engage you, they will have their own criteria or audition or interview -follow theirs)


16.3 Type of Assessment Help Available


  • 16.3.A Assessment Help – $25 for 20min. One to one. This assessment will allow trainers to know where are their weakness and strengths and prepare them to start teaching & to apply jobs under Dan-Z Fitness (Singapore).


    16.3.B One on One Coaching –  SPECIAL RATE $60 per hour. (Only for KpopX Trainers)


    16.3.C Online Mentor Help –  Video 4 to 5 songs and send over to asking for mentor help to check pls. $50 Per video. Special Rate for Overseas countries – Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, BKK only $25 for first two videos. Promotional!


  • Let the mentor knows what areas or even songs that you want to work on so they can prepare to coach you beforehand.
  • Please arrive 15 min before.
  • Please do not cancel last minute, respect each other’s time
  • Please print and bring assessment checklist for your mentor.

17 Mentor’s Contact Number

Jaenny Chandra (8511 6258)

Our KpopX Master Trainer – Jaenny has an extensive dance and stage performance background. She can teach you how to have a confident and engaging stage presence, and even how to ‘cover up’ when you make mistake or forget your choreography. If you need help in learning the choreography/breaking down the steps, she would be happy to help and offer tips on how to pick up a new choreography fast.


Jaenny has high energy and can help you to learn how to deliver a high intensity class with big range of motions, and still engage your participants in a fun way.


Stella Goh 96533553

Stella has good posture, is precise on choreographies and have clear dance moves. She is easy going, friendly and pay attention to details.  If you want to improve on your skills and precision and working in choreographies, she is the trainer to go to!


Jasmine Wong (9654 3084)

Known for class engagement, Jasmine is all about the E’s in delivering an electrifying class — Energy, Engage, Exuberant fun!



Alicia Tan (9624 5944) 

Alicia is energetic, lively and able to engage participants in a fun way.

Available on Monday (745pm MBFC T3 dance studio), Wednesday (afternoon, Farrer Park City Square Mall)


Sim Wenjie  (91134353)

Wen Jie is amicable, and good at counting music, hardworking and can help you in refining steps and counts. Call him to enquire about his available timing.