Not Your Average Mass Workout!

KpopX surprises with humour, fun & drama on stage – a unique dance fitness workout in K-Pop style! You won’t want to miss our next KpopX Mass workout!


KpopX Fitness class

KpopX Fitness is Popular!

Daddy- Mass workout

Sexy Love (Tara) Power KpopX’Mas 26 dec 2015

Malaysia Scorefitmob Festival 2015

KPopX Anniversary-kids

shake it at Jcube to kpopx fans

KPopX – sugar free Battle with participants & trainers!

KpopX Asia & fitness 2015 Fit-xerise

KeepFit 2015 -KPopX Fitness (21 Mar 2015)

Red Cross International Bazaar 2015 ( 15 Mar 2015)

KpopX Fitness -Lite (for seniors) Event

KPopX Fitness -Family at Shopping Mall Workout

KpopX Fitness Preview Video

Keppelfel Active Day (MASS WORKOUT)

Tampines CC (CLASS)

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