Frequently Answered Questions

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Wear track/covered shoes and comfortable workout clothes. Bring towel & water. Instructor will give a 20 sec water break after song 7 (often the highest intensity).
During your first lesson, you may not achieve 100% of the intended cardio effects (in layman terms, you won’t sweat that much), because you may be pre-occupied with following the dance steps. However, there is no need to stress about being in-step with the instructor. Just enjoy and do it at your own pace! It will come naturally!

By the 4th to 6th lesson (provided you come on a regular basis), there is usually a significant improvement in your coordination, flexibility, stamina and endurance! You will move better and get a good workout!

Don’t worry about instructors changing the songs because every song consists of similar basic footwork. We are fun, easy yet creative and challenging! How we do that? Check out our video on Makings of KpopX Fitness!

We dance and work out to 13 K-Pop songs which generally takes up an average of 50mins. The pace is usually of moderate to high intensity and through past experience, we found that most of you can be pushed up to an optimal period. 50min is the optimal period – you will have fun and want to come back for more!

The 13 K-pop songs are cleverly arranged in terms of intensity so that you can benefit from interval training, get a rest (20 sec break after song 7), then continue with round 2. While you are having fun enjoying the songs, little will you realise that you have been “pushed” to achieve the intended cardio effects while being optimally challenged. 13 songs are just perfect for this reason – by the end of the session, you feel rejuvenated, not tortured, and most importantly, you want to come back for more!

In short, to dance up to 18 K-pop songs in an hour could result in too much of a good thing. 50mins of cardio workout is a great achievement! Try doing something you don’t like and even 15min will feel like a long long time. PS: our KpopX Fitness for kids classes are usually 45min and of higher intensity.

Yes we do. We will send our KpopX Fitness instructors down to your workplace or private class venue. Just call or text +65 9105-9821 or email us at Right now, we have a one-time introductory price for any first-timer corporate client!

If you are a Private Studio/Gym that will like to adopt our program, you can either send your instructors to our KpopX Fitness Instructors’ certification course, or ask us to recommend our instructors to you! No charges for the latter service!