FAQ – Instructors’ course enquiries

Q: Are there any prerequisites to taking KpopX Fitness Instructors’ course

A:  No. We have successfully trained many first-timers because we provide learning materials, eg. tutorial videos, counting music videos, fitness -related videos , others like e.g How to teach in School vs studio for Kids, How to do safety talk, etc etc for you to become a successful KpopX Fitness Instructor. Infact, many first timers find it useful to join us first because of our comprehensive materials. If you stay in Singapore, we also offer  jobs guidance, on-job training, job notices for first month and you can opt in or out, cater to your flexi hours. There are a lot of benefits for newcomer.

Q: Is there any test during the one day Instructor’s course?

A: No. Infact it is a very fun course where you will learn about KpopX Fitness program and master skills like how to dance and teach. It will be a fun and a good experience. Come sign up now!

Q: What happens after KpopX Fitness Training?

A: You can start teaching whenever you feel comfortable and ready. Instructors act as independent contractors, giving you the freedom to set your own schedule, rates, terms, agreements, etc.

Q: How long is a KpopX® Fitness instructor certificate (license) valid for?

A:  One year.


Q: How do I renew my certificate (license) after one year?

A :Become a K-member: K-members in good standing are always considered “Current KpopX® Instructors,” meaning their certificate is always valid as long as they are a K-Member. K-membership offers a comprehensive continuing education program . K-members Trainers are constantly receiving new choreographies, along with a wealth of educational teaching and marketing materials and ideas to help ensure lifelong success. For more information go to here. All trainers that sign up for instructor course actually get 1 month FREE!  It is not compulsory to sign up so get the 1 month trial first ! During the course, you may even get special offer to extend to 3 month. Attend the course to find out more!

Q: My facility wants to host a KpopX Fitness Instructor Training; how do I do this?

A :Write in to kpopxfitness@gmail.com. We are happy to help.

Q:  Is there a demand for KpopX® Fitness Instructors?

A : Yes! Not only is there a demand, but you can easily create more of a demand. Many KpopX® instructors created a demand in their area simply because there were not many Instructors available in their area and people wanted to try out the KpopX® Fitness. When the buzz spread, these instructors were suddenly in high demand.