Interested in hosting a KpopX Fitness Instructors’ Course or Workshop in your region? We are Now Looking for Collaborations with Dance Studios or Physical Education Institutions to run our One-day Instructors’Course.

  • 30% Profit sharing
  • To help us market & do enrolments for one day KpopX Fitness Instructors’ Course
  • To facilitate and advise any work permit, licenses needed for our Educator/ founder to enter region/country .
  • Provide studio space, sound system, projector
  • Minimum pax 10 to 20 pax (depend on region/country) to confirm the course
  • If you can fulfil the above criteria, there is no need to pay for our Founder or Educators’ flight or accommodation.
  • Our founder/educator will conduct 1 free KpopX Fitness Master Class for the studio/institution and the studio can charge participants for the class.

Be the pioneer to run the course now in your region! Email now and we will be happy to get back to you.