Read the below for corporate jobs = how to get jobs and what to do


How to Bid for Jobs in groupchat- Welcome to K-member GroupChat

1 Types of KpopX Groupchat

  • Group 1 – K-member (Subscribed long term trainers)
  • Individual group – example – a particular assignment where all few trainers, lead and shadows are grouped together for one job/assignment.

2 Rules & Regulation for K-member Group 1 Subscriber

  •   Reply directly & Ptely to the person who posted job(s)
  •   If you are not keen in the job – no need to reply. Ignore the text
  • No spamming – you can only post jobs , yes even for other fitness programs. E.g seek relief for zumba fitness at xxxx $70.
  • Avoid posting after 9pm to 8am– unless it is emergency
  • Avoid open group discussion ,

    2.1 EXCEPTION -you are in the individual groupchat– where you can freely discuss assignment details e.g songlist in that assigned group.

  • Our coordinator does not work on weekends, so expect no reply and also tell your perm class centres to call you directly please instead of us especially when there is an emergency.

3  How Instructors are selected  for a Job ?

  • We usually match your personality, style to our clients’ criterias. Example a more skillful trainer will be matched to a class with high expection. A new or less skillful trainer will be given opportunties to shadow or match to a class who demanded lesser intensity or experience.
  • We also tend to give and rotate jobs amongst our many trainers. The idea of our jobs groupchat is this – we give you the opportunities to grow, and hopefully you will soon become independent and employby other vendors too. (spread your wings and fly) Then we will provide this opportunties to others.
  • We consider the trainers aka job seekers’ professionalism and attitude – we prefer resourceful, pro-active, mature and polite trainers.
  • If you are a newly passed out instructors, we will look at your assessment and recommendations. Some jobs – we will post “welcome new instructors”

“Our groupchat has many skillful and successful trainers that benefited from this system – you will or already have benefited from this system.”

Corporate Jobs or fixed pay – temp job- e.g 1 session in SC only (family bonding) (kpopx-kids,) or 4 sessions in PTE Ltd Company.

4 What to do after being selected for a Job ?


A) Handling coordinator –

i) Give a courtesy call to inform/introduce yourself the company/centre Coordinator days/weeks before going to event, & enquire on the followings so you can prepare yourself well – job/event confirmation, Time & Venue, Participants’ profile, experience with dance fitness, age etc (to help you organise songlist)
Sound system – (do you need to bring cable? portable speaker just in case -size of room) any other details e.g,  parking, or outdoor-if it rains, what happens?  The call also acts as a form of reassurance (letting coordinator knows u be there early) and u will be well prepared. 

ii) DO NOT attempt to chitchat, example, keep texting back and forth w coordinator, asking this/asking that, keep it short, professional, the trick is to call to ask for all info in that short 5min call. Remember, not everyone likes to discuss/chat/ have many  conversations esp texting at work. People often  will want to quickly move on to other things.

iii) (Same things go to Dan-Z Fitness Pte ltd staff – we appreciate trainers try to “chitchat” with us over texts, please -be resourceful (look for it at education/resources first). Let our staff help you , and allow her/him to quickly move on to work /help others or taking a well-deserve breaks (Founder included).

iv) Always choose to call OFFICE PHONE first, avoid calling mobile phone unless it is given to you /coordinator agrees. Calling office first means you are respecting people personal privacy and reaching out during their work time and when they are available at their desk.(not calling their mobile -risk imposing on their personal time).

End of your session, pack your things, help to clean, importantly – check with incharge or coordinator at scene if there is anything you can help or do before leaving.  Thank him/her for the opportunity given before leaving.


B) COVID PRECAUTION – PLEASE ENSURE you are obeying covid instructions – With Mask 1 m away , without mask 3 m away during exercises. Quickly put on the mask after workout , students are not allow to gather more than 5 pax in a group . (Updated in phase 2 SG,) It is the trainer’s responsibility for keeping people safe in class. Failure to do so , you can result in a paying for the mistake.

C) in this COVID time, we know how hard it is to ask participants to maintain social distancing so best thing is  – no pictures no video and if you want to take group pic – ensure point B above is followed, scrutinise your pics/videos (ensure social distancing w masks ) before posting it up.

D) Always reach the venue 20min before class start. Note if class starts 1pm, and you arrive 12:55 pm, it is considered late. Do not take up assignment if you cannot reach early.

 E) SC/ corporate is used to 1-hour timing so what should I do?
Yes, our clients can request for 1 hour.   This extra 10min can be used for marking attendance in the first 5 to 10min, teaching basic steps, mirror image etc. & give a longer break in-between. Both trainers and coordinator to please help inform the class that KpopX Fitness is a 50min fitness program that allows one to dance up to 12 or 13 songs. You can read more about our FAQ to our clients here at

4.1 What if I can’t suddenly make it for the Job after I am employed By Dan-Z Fitness?

  • Always make sure you can commit 100% before taking on the jobs – shadows or leads. ( it’s  professionalism).
  • If situations arise, quickly find a competent relief  -Post in our main subscibers group chat  and then inform lead/Dan-Z Fitness Pte Ltd customer officer who is replacing you – Please note do not confirm with your relief unless Dan-Z Fitness said yes. This is because there are some instructors may not be suitable for the jobs and we will turn it down.
  • Please respect your employer and ask for permission for the replacement trainer before confirming with your replacement the job.
  • Do Apologise for the inconveniences you have caused to others -clients and employers.

4.2 Reminder

  • “Do you know? Your reputation precedes you – a trainer who stood people up often or constantly getting reliefs replacement will soon have a reputation and it makes employers & other co-workers wary of hiring him or her. So when you sign up, you commit, show up and do your best.”

5 Fixed pay job- CC Express Course

  • CC express course – what is it? what should I do?

    • Requirement for instructor – pass assessment, first aid CPR AED Cert valid.
    • Commonly are kpopx fitness – lite, kpopx fitness- kids or kpopx fitness -abs.
    • Usually one time session conducted off peak time Mon to Friday only, between off peak hours (end by 6pm) at Community Centre.
    • Special rate to public, walk in allowed ( commonly $10 per session or discount rate, refer to CC enrolment link at
    • There is no minimum pax to run, walk in sign up welcome and it is uncommon to cancel the class
    • The trainer should call up & introduce herself to CC coordinator for enquiries about the class sign up, sound system few days before to prepare for the class
    • If there is no sign up, It is important that the trainer will still have to be in the class for the full hour to claim her/his fee after.
    • This is a fix pay of $40 to trainer.
    • Trainer to ask dan-z fitness  Coordinator end of the month for invoice number, and claim as fixed pay in timesheet (download from K-member resources) and submit by 3rd of every month – please see timesheet claim in education tab.
    • Important things to note : arrive 20min-30min before to prepare. Take attendance list from coordinator. bring cable for speaker or own portable speaker to standby. Must start on time and end on time. Please refer to CC contract and be professional in conducting yourself.

6 Lead Instructor’s Must Do

  • Lead instructor – please ensure a group chat is open for all shadows
  • Please introduce yourself as lead and give out song choices to shadows (at least 4 days before) You can give “standby songs” and amend slightly before event (we want to make sure songs are good for our clients)
  • Give your shadows clear instructions after you find out details from coordinator. Don’t have the shadows calling the coordinator one by one.
  • It is good to inform the shadows to just follow you, if you have changes in some choreography moves.
  • Be polite always. Be accommodating to changes and requests.
  • If in doubt , ask Dan-Z Fitness Pte Ltd Coordinator or read this link first.

7  Shadow Instructor’s Must Do

  • Shadows  – Have patience and wait for lead to inform details, if not, few days before to gently politely ask in group chat or pte text the lead.
  • Learn what you can, follow closely on that day.
  • Anticipate possible changes in songs or choreography moves – just follow and have fun.
  • Wear KpopX Fitness shirts pls (unless lead said otherwise)
  • Be polite to everyone, be helpful and learn to network.
  • Do not call the coordinator , let the lead Trainer handles and pass information to you.
  • It’s actually very easy, learn your moves, just come that day, follow the instructor and gain invaluable experience & networking.


“Freelancers aka self-motivated individuals must be strong in good results delivery. Only then you can enjoy working shorter hours with premium pay & with constant jobs coming in.” 

8 How to Get More Jobs

  • Pass your assessment for a start. Be Humble in accepting mistakes.  Founder Maddy actually constantly seek help(s) to learn  the mistakes, things to improve in her video-filming, even up to now. No one is perfect. Always learning.
  • Join us in volunteering if possible, if we don’t see you dance, we really don’t know you are good or simply you think you are good.
  • Get to know more organisers and trainers – they also have a lot of jobs to offer. And the only way to know them is to go out and dance more with them then say “Hi.”
  • Be skillful, – we find it harder to match you to clients when trainers have lower intensity and shorter range of movements. Engage mentor help one-to-one. Follow the high energy trainers around – you will get there soon.

“Dan-Z Fitness has been giving new & hardworking trainers chances to learn and teach even at our own expenses at times e.g offering transport fees and asking clients to give newer trainers chances to be there. Please Seize this opportunity and grow!”

9 How to Calculate Instructor’s Pay

For Corporate jobs – it is. a fixed pay – so please take invoice number from our Customer officer /admin. and

Please see these videos on how to claim pay (you can get timesheet from > resources. ) See four videos here in playlist >

For SC- Here’s an example. SC Course fee is estimated $96 for a total of 8 sessions. Eg. If you have 15 participants and you take 60% of the total course fee. 15 pax x $96 x 60% = 864 for 8 sessions.

Each session is 864 divided by 8 = $108 per session.

For CC – typically 4 sessions $55 or 8 sessions $100, there are passion card holder discounts too etc so calculation is only an estimate and you can follow the same formula as above

10 Unwelcome Behaviors – Potential Pitfalls

A. Avoid chit-chatting via texts or calls with our coordinators– the coordinators are busy trying to get work done, so keep your messages to her short and polite . Don’t expect immediate replies too cause she will be busy doing other work.

                   Remember we love you, we just didn’t have time to chit-chat.

B. Texting Company coordinators (either Dan-z Fitness or other centres coordinators) when the details are already given out in emails/FAQ/texts/SOP etc.

It actually implied that the job seeker is not paying attention before. Often we feel that the job seeker could have been more considerate by looking back past emails, texts or calling co-worker to find out more instead of taking us for granted. Coordinator will give priority to hire mature job seekers who are resourceful and pro-active.

C. Texting coordinator saying we should employ which trainer for which job etc

Refer to above point B. We don’t tell you who to date or get marry to, you should respect us too. Respect your employers’ choices and decision.

You can write in to tell us certain trainers are doing well and compliment him or her – We really like that kind generous sharing.

D. Texting us saying you will like to pair with who…

Okay, we understand that when your mini manfia gang practice together, dance better together too. It is also very encouraging for crowds when we have a husband and wife team, brother sister team on stage.

However , be careful not to impose on us (see point 11 & refer to point 6). Find the right time to suggest to us instead of flooding us with texts of appeals and reasons – . Show us the benefits of why we should hire you, not give us headaches.

We are sure that you are one competent capable trainer who can work well with any other trainer too.

E. Demanding jobs because you are a K-member or threatening to cancel k-member because you didn’t get the jobs you want.

Oh Nooooooo. K-member subscripion gives you the tools to access choreographies, tools , updated tutorials etc. This groupchat has nothing to do with K-member subscription. If you look into other fitness programs memberships, you will know that regular jobs notices are absolutely ZERO and job notices is even a service you need to pay extra for.

We know that we could have charge for job notices services and we can still get a decent pool of trainers working for us – less hassles for us too managing fewer competent trainers. However, we want to help the program and young trainers to grow. We appreciate having you onboard, and we ask you to learn to see the reality and work alongside with us. Work well and have fun.

F. “Protesting” why you did not get certain jobs?

This is one question you need to ask yourself why aren’t you getting enough jobs? Or simply read all the points above.

Make an appointment to meet all your employers and discuss. If you only have Dan-Z Fitness – one employer. Okay, we see the problem now , be pro-active and seek more employments please. This island is buzzing with KpopX Fitness. Have you prepared resumes, and ready to go out and present to potential employers? If you still missed counts or not as engaging as others, can you hire mentors or approach trainers to help them and learn from them at the same time?

You can be a highly sought after employee when you are friendly, helpful, generous, reliable and good at what you do.

G. A lack of professionalism.

One aspect of Professionalism means not to let personal life problems/matters interfere with your working life e.g I have personal issues so (suddenly) I can’t do this job any more – then you should have planned & know better not to impose on the rest of the world please – the coordinators, the participants, the employers and give others hardworking co-workers this job opportunities instead.

H. Asking your parents to call us.

As a working adult, it is time to take up responsibilities please and learn how to tackle and answer any hard questions and propose a winning solution to the management.  We will not want to hear from your parents please, unless you want to talk to our mum and dad too.

Btw, we may make an exception if the trainer is below 16 year old. Btw, when your child makes mistakes now, it actually help her /him to be smarter & know how to handle situations when he or she is in her twenties.

11 Assessment

Assessment details:

Go > login > Resources > SG trainer only > assessment form and mentor lists

11.1 Assessment for Shadow Trainers

Assessment -for shadow trainers who want to become leading trainers and teach under Dan-Z Fitness Job. 

  • Learn 7 songs – as if you are doing first half of lesson.
  • Be good at song arrangement – warm up, moderate intense…. song 7 high intense etc.
  • download skill checklist from K-member resources
  • assessment is 20min and engage a mentor ( mentor details below – end page) $25 per assessment
  • See the assessment and skill videos in K-member. > go educational tab at 
  • if you only want to take kpopx fitness- LITE assessment – yes you can. but you will not be able to do lead for kpopx fitness once you pass the Lite. You have to re-take again.
  • Please note any other employers (not Dan-Z Fitness Pte ltd) e.g gym, dance studios, if they want to engage you, they will have their own criteria or audition or interview -follow theirs)

11.2 Type of Assessment Help Available 

11.2.A Assessment Help – $25 for 20min. One to one. This assessment will allow trainers to know where are their weakness and strengths and prepare them to start teaching & to apply jobs under Dan-Z Fitness (Singapore). 

11.2.B One on One Coaching – SPECIAL RATE $60 per hour. (Only for KpopX Trainers)

11.2.C Online Mentor Help – Video 4 to 5 songs and send over to asking for mentor help to check pls. $50 Per video. Special Rate for Overseas countries – Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, BKK only $25 for first two videos. Promotional!) 

  • Let the mentor knows what areas or even songs that you want to work on so they can prepare to coach you beforehand.
  • Please arrive 15 min before.
  • Please do not cancel last minute, respect each other’s time
  • Please print and bring assessment checklist for your mentor.

12 Mentor’s Contact Number

Jaenny Chandra (8511 6258)

Our KpopX Master Trainer – Jaenny has an extensive dance and stage performance background. She can teach you how to have a confident and engaging stage presence, and even how to ‘cover up’ when you make mistake or forget your choreography. If you need help in learning the choreography/breaking down the steps, she would be happy to help and offer tips on how to pick up a new choreography fast.

Jaenny has high energy and can help you to learn how to deliver a high intensity class with big range of motions, and still engage your participants in a fun way.


Stella Goh 96533553

Stella has good posture, is precise on choreographies and have clear dance moves. She is easy going, friendly and pay attention to details.  If you want to improve on your skills and precision and working in choreographies, she is the trainer to go to!


Jasmine Wong (9654 3084)

Known for class engagement, Jasmine is all about the E’s in delivering an electrifying class — Energy, Engage, Exuberant fun!

Jarren See (9816 5696)

Jarren has a great screen persona. He is good in counting, has a great range of movement and energy, and expressive.

Alicia Tan (9624 5944) 

Alicia is energetic, lively and able to engage participants in a fun way.

Available on Monday (745pm MBFC T3 dance studio), Wednesday (afternoon, Farrer Park City Square Mall)

Sim Wenjie  (91134353)

Wenjie is good at counting music, hardworking and can help you in refining steps and counts. Call him to enquire about his available timing.