We have turned more than hundreds of songs into KPopX Fitness with great success! Please Support K-Pop Artists & KPopX Fitness Programme now!

If you like certain songs that are played in class, do click on download to get them here from iTunes!

These are the songs recommended for a K-popX workout!


Updating in progress – there are many more songs! Check back next month please.

download 1-4-3 | By Henry

download 24/7 | By 2YOON

download Abracadabra | By Brown Eyed Girls

download Adrenaline | By TTS

download Ah Yeah | By EXID

download Always | By Yoonmirae

download And One | By Taeyeon

download Are You Ready | By B.I.G

download Back | By Infinite

download Bad Boys | By LED Apple

download Bad Girls | By Lee Hyori

download Bad Mama Jama | By Big Flo

download Bar Bar Bar | By Crayon Pop

download Be Ma Girl | By Teen Top

download Be Mine | By Infinite

download Be My Baby | By Wonder Girls

download Beautiful | By Park Boram

download Beautiful Night | By Beast

download Beep Beep | By BTOB

download Bo Peep | By Tara

download Bonamana | By Super Junior

download Breathe | Miss A

download Bubble Pop | By Hyuna

download Bubibu | By Apink

download Can you feel it | By Super Junior D&E

download Can’t Nobody | By 2NE1

download Catallena | By Orange Caramel

download Catch me if you can  | By Girls Generation

download Clap Your Hands | By 2NE1

download Come Back To Me | By N Train

download Crayon | By G. Dragon

download Crazy | By 4minute

download Crazy | By Teen Top

download Crooked | By G. Dragon

download Crosswalk | By Jo Kwon

download Daddy  | By Psy

download Darling | By Girl’s Day

download Danger | By BTS

download Devil  | By Super Junior

download Don’t Touch Me | By Ailee

download Do You Hear Me | By Taeyeon

download Do You Know Me | By Tara

download Do You Love Me | By 2NE1

download Dope | By BTS

download Drama | By 9 muses

download Dream Girl | By SHINee

download Dumb Dumb  | By Red Velvet

download Dumb and Dumber  | By IKON

download Easily | By Brave Girls

download Error  | By Vixx

download Eyes, Nose, Lips | By Taeyang

download Face | By Nuest

download Fantastic Baby | By Big Bang

download Feel so good | By BAP

download Fiction | By Beast

download Fire | By 2NE1

download Fire | By JJCC

download Follow Me | By Topp Dogg

download Gangnam Style | By PSY

download Gee | By SNSD

download Gentleman | By PSY

download Go Crazy | By 2PM

download Good Boy | By GD X Taeyang

download Good Luck | By Beast

download Good To Go | By K-much

download Goodbye | By Miss A

download Growl | By EXO

download Hands Up | By 2pm

download Happiness | By Red Velvet

download Hate | By 4minute

download Hate You | By Delight

download Have Don’t Have | By Dal Shabet

download Hello Yeo Bo Se Yo  | By Nu’est

download Her | By Block B

download High High | By GD & TOP

download Holler | By TTS

download Hot Issue | By 4Minute

download I Am Better | By M. Pire

download I Am The Best | By 2NE1

download I’ll Be Back | By 2pm

download I Choose To Love You | By Taeyeon

download I Do I Do | By Secret

download I Go Crazy Because of You | By T-ara

download I Got A Boy | By SNSD

download I Will Show You | By Ailee

download I’m Ill  | By Hello Venus 

download I’m So Sexy  | By Yoo Jae Suk & JYP 

download Jeon Wong Diary | By Tara

download Gwiyomi | By Hari

download Like This | By Wonder Girls

download Lipstick | By Orange Caramel

download Little Apple | By T-ara

download Love & Girls | By SNSD

download Love Is Move | By Secret

download Lovey Dovey | By Tara

download Loving You | By Sista

download Luv | By Apink

download Madonna | By Secret

download Mama Beat | By LC9

download Mamama | By Tasty

download Mamacita | By Super Junior

download Mansae  | By Seventeen

download Me Gustas Tu  | By GFriend

download Miss Right | By Teen Top

download Mona Lisa | By MBLAQ

download Mister | By Kara

download Mr Simple | By Super Junior

download Mr Taxi | By SNSD

download Mr. Chu | By Apink

download My Copycat | By Orange Caramel

download Napal Baji  | By Psy

download Nalina | By Block B

download No. 1 | By Fcuz

download No Mercy | By BAP

download Nobody | By Wonder Girls

download Nonono | By Apink

download Nu Abo | By Fx

download Number Nine | By Tara

download Ok | By Crayon Pop

download Ooh Ahh  | By Twice

download Open The Door | By Lim Chang Jung

download Overdose | By EXO

download Paparazzi | By SNSD

download Pretty Pretty | By Ladies Code

download Remember | By Apink

download Replay | By Shinee

download Ring Ding Dong | By SHINee

download Rocking | By Teen Top

download Roly Poly | By Tara

download Run & Run | By Big Star

download Run Devil Run | By SNSD

download Run to you  | By Led Apple

download Rok Kiss | By Rok Kiss

download Sexy Lady | By Jang Woo Young

download Sexy Love | By Tara

download Shadow  | By Beast

download She’s My Girl | By Beat Win

download Sherlock | By SHINee

download Shock | By Beast

download Shy Boy | By Secret

download So Cool | By Sista

download Something | By TVXQ

download Sorry Sorry | By Super Junior

download Spy | By Super Junior /span>

download Step | By Kara

download Stop It | By Got7

download Sugar Free | By Tara

download Supa Luv | By Teen Top

download Trap | By Henry

download Te Amos | By U Kiss

download The Man | By Hyun bin

download The Boys | By SNSD

download Touch My Body | By Sistar

download Troublemaker | By Troublemaker

download Twinkle Twinkle | By Girl’s Day

download Uh ee | By Crayon Pop

download Up Down  | By EXID

download Very Good | By Block B

download Wait a Minute | By Baek Seung Heong

download Waiting | By BOA

download War Of Hormone  | By BTS

download Warrior | By BAP

download What should I do | By K-much

download What’s Happening | By B1A4

download What’s your name | By 4Minute

download Who’s your Mama | By JYP

download Wild Horse | By Narazo

download Wolf | By EXO

download Wow | By BTOB

download Yoohoo | By Secret

download You Don’t Love Me | By Spica

download You Know Me | By Tasty