• DAN-Z FITNESS PTE LTD is committed to help trainers residing in developing countries to be successful in owning KpopX Fitness & thru the trainers, effectively bringing a healthier & creative lifestyle to the local communities.

• Developing countries that are entitled to this privileges are Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand. China, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Vietnam. The list of countries will be constantly updated. (Source

• KpopX Trainers that applied for this package must be residing in these countries mentioned above so to be eligible for the package. (Proof of permanent residency for more than 6 months)

• KpopX instructors’ certificate must be valid (1 year expiry from date of issue) upon applying for this account.

• Proof of residency must be presented upon requests. e.g. driving licence, home address or any other supporting documents.

• Upon signing up, trainers agree to the Terms and conditions.

• Please note that if you later on desire to convert package to premium, the current project Y account will have to be closed and new account to be opened for premium K-member. (No upgrade available)

• Trainers who will instead like to sign up for our PREMIUM K-member (BEST SELLER) to click here to find out more!

Package Y (Love & Kindness Package) – ONLY Available Here

Sweat it out to 13 KpopX Fitness in 50 min program, KpopX Fitness is EPIC – Easy, popular, Intense and Creative in KPOP Style. Dance Exercise and keeping fit and strong has never been so fun! We aim to help trainers & citizens in developing countries acquired new skills, master KpopX Fitness – the New Generation Workout! Terms & conditions apply.

PS: KpopX Dance mentioned below refers to KPOPX FITNESS dance fitness choreographies. 

FREE Unlimited Access to many Online Teaching and learning materials!! Login required.

FREE Learning materials

  • Successful with KpopX song arrangement
  • How to do first class KpopX
  • How to connect with participants
  • KpopX Choreographies
  • What is KpopX Fitness & it’s uniqueness
  • How to teach KpopX -Lite
  • How to teach KpopX- Kids
  • How to set your music, and do the necessary
  • & many more!

Free Video Demonstrations

  • How to do introduction on stage/class
  • Pre Cues Skill demonstration
  • Advance Cueing skills
  • How to learn effectively from videos demonstration
  • How to teach in mirror image & teach with a game
  • How to modify & teach KpopX -Lite

And many more! Constantly Updated!

FREE Resources – easily downloaded over the web!

  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Feedback forms for participants
  • Skills Access checklists etc.
  • KpopX Banner designs
  • KpopX logo and many more!

DISCOVER More Perks!

  • FREE 20 KpopX Dance Videos + 20 Tutorials Videos) 
  • Each month, receive 2 K-dollars to unlock 2 KpopX Dance along with 2 Tutorials (**This particular perk is not included in the 3 months Free Trial package)
  • Getting K-Fashion Clothing & merchandise at Special K-member discounts
  • Selling K-fashion clothing to your participants/friends & make more income!
  • Receive discounts when attending KpopX Events/Promotions

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8 months subscription at USD$56 or
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Please ensure that your KpopX Instructors’ Certificate is valid within 1 year expiry date.


Terms & conditions apply.