Another way is to key in “POPULAR” in the search and see what songs show up.

Here are the recommended song choices for you to choose – updated on 19 Nov.

Recommended Song List

1Cool down - universe
2Mister - kara ( the rare & one song with lot of isolated hips moves. Song is sooo catchy!)?
3Cool down - fxxk it
4Champion - psy
5Crooked - g dragon
6I m ill by venus
7Uh ee by crayon pop
8Bboom boom?
9It's trickyone of our rare English song
10Twist king?remix dancetwo choreographies- dance fight!
11Very good by block B
12Her by block B?
13Nice by seventeen
14Fire - bts
15U & I Ailee (actually ailee songs all nice!)?
16Troublemaker (moderate intense)
17So cool?
18Ring ding dong
19Cool down - Beautiful
20Holiday - snsd
21Having an affairs - G dragon
22New face
24Catch me if you can
26Cool down- eyes nose lipsgreat song, learn the music counting for this in education tab
27Blacksuit super junior?
28What is love by twice
29Dance the night away twice
30Mr taxi (latest version)catchy and fun
31Good boy
32Bang bang bang
33Nobody - wonder girls recovery song - very popular song too
34Darling - girls day
35Rocking by teen top
36Lo siento
37First love -clon
39Love is movesassy dancey
40Run to you - DJ DocFun and funny, easy to do, catchy
41Gentleman psy
43Take it?
45Delilah punches, high intense
46Bonamana moderate intense - catchy
47You & me (easy & fun punches)
49Crayon - big bang
50Fantastic baby (event sure win song- must learn)
51Cool down - let gocan be challenging to do for new instructors
52Show me your bae sae warm up
53Bomba warm up
54Knock knock by twice?
55Wait 10 years cute and catchy song
56I luv it psy
57That my jam
58Sorry sorry super junior
60Dancing king
61One more time super junior moderate LOW Intense, put song 10 or 11 as recovery
62Hit me?
63Rok kiss
64Number one by FCUK
66Blood sweat tears moderate LOW Intense, put song 10 or 11 as recovery
67Daddy - psymust learn - hot fav
68Sugar freemust learn
69Wild horse hot fav