Workout Tips

Some Tips for Beginners

This is a stress-free & fun exercise. Take it easy and have fun!
1) For first timers, it’s natural to feel slightly awkward and not be able to sweat it out and experience the full cardio effect. Don’t worry, you will soon be able to!
2) Enjoy the music and follow the instructor’s movements (mirror image). Do not worry about not doing it correctly or about lack of stamina, etc.
3) At KpopX Fitness, everyone will improve at their own pace and time.
4) The stamina, moves and coordination will flow naturally after a few more sessions, you just need to keep coming back!
5) After a few sessions, you will find the movements a lot easier to follow and also be able to enjoy yourself much more than you can imagine.
6) if you wish, you may also visit KpopX Fitness website > Free Tutorials Video for videos on basic steps, mirror image and more (though it is not necessary as it comes naturally!).

Did You Know:

1) Our dances are also designed for males and many enjoy our intense KpopX choreography which includes creative kicks & punches.
2) To participants who are not fans of K-Pop: Most K-Pop songs are catchy. Some songs, especially male songs, may take a while for you to enjoy, but you will gradually!

Lesson 1

1) Let It Go; just relax and enjoy the music and dance. No one will look at you (everyone will be focusing on following the instructor’s moves)
2) Instructor is usually on “high intensity mode”. You can dance at your own pace; move slower if you need to!
3) For the hyper active ones, move faster & jump even higher than the instructor! Consider joining us as an instructor too.
4) Certain steps require Hops. If you find hops too strenuous, you can lower the intensity by replacing it with March, Step Touch or Side Taps.
5) Always maintain good posture to avoid injuries. Keep your back straight and chest up when doing squats and lunges (view the tutorials on our website if you’re not sure how to).
6) Do not strain yourself to catch up with the instructor’s intensity. It is okay to dance slower and at your own pace. You will gradually improve with time and practice. Have patience!

Did you know?

1) Sometimes, in the first set of dance moves, the instructor demonstrates a lower intensity version of the dance move before moving on to the higher intensity dance moves? E.g. Step Touch (less intense), followed by Hop (more intense)?
You can stick to the lower intensity moves for the subsequent sets if you wish to. (Ignore the participants around you who are dancing at a higher intensity than you. Remember that everyone focuses on the instructor and no one will care to look at you)
2) If you experience lower back aches after class, you may be doing the movements wrongly. You need to have a habit of keeping your back straight, chest up, and use your legs instead (tone the legs!)
Do revise and practise your squats and lunges with the help of our tutorials online.
If you don’t correct the mistake, the problem will remain and stay with you regardless of which aerobics class you attend.
A simpler method is not to move as low as the instructor. However, this would also mean that you get a workout of lower impact or intensity. Do it gradually.

Simple Cueing / Indication

1) Listen to the music and dance to the flow.
2) If the instructor taps his/her leg, he/she means that the dance move will be starting with that leg (you don’t have to tap).
3) If the instructor tells you to breathe or touches his/her nose, it is a reminder to BREATHE (this will help you to regain your energy).
4) When you pant, breathe in through your nose and exhale from your mouth. Never hold your breath or clamp your lips tight together.
5) KpopX instructors are not supposed to talk too much during the class. Music is the most enjoyable cue. It is okay to not hear the instructor talk.
6) If the instructor does a little twirl with the index finger, it means to turn around.
7) The instructor will also gesture with fingers to the class the number of times the class should do the dance move (e.g. 1 time , 4 times). But don’t worry. You can ignore this as well because the music will lead you too.

Interval Training & Break-Time -VERY IMPORTANT!

1) Our magic choreo formula -Interval Training- is what makes you improve quickly, build up your stamina/cardio, tone up and burn fat fast.
2) At times, you will see the instructor start to do FAST or FASTER Moves, Do your best to follow the instructor and go fast till you run out of breath!
3) These intense and fast moves will usually be followed by slower or lower intensity moves. This is the time for you to BREATHE and to regain your energy for the next challenge/round.
4) In general, the following song will have a slower pace, so you can regain some energy.
5) Once again, do not worry about running out of energy because there is always the option to dance slower than others.
6) Song 7 Is the most intense song, to challenge you and push you beyond your limits. It is followed by a 20 second water break. Bring water!
7) So, challenge yourself during Song 7 and give it your all!! You will feel good!
After a few KpopX sessions, you will find that you’ll able to last longer and dance better! Congratulations!

Did you know?

1) KpopX is designed to be a 50 minute program with a 20 sec quick water break in between so that it pushes you just right and doesn’t end up being torturous.
2) Many participants said that time passes quickly when they’re doing KpopX (one of our best kind of reviews). Imagine working out for 50min without knowing! That’s an achievement!

HAVE FUN! KpopX Fitness, Fighting!