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FAQ (What is Kpop X Fitness)



**  What is K-pop X Fitness Program?
No more boring exercises! K-pop X Fitness is the first fitness workout successfully incorporated with mind-blowing K-POP creativity & fitness intensity. One session is 50min, up to 13 songs per session. There is a water break after Song 7. One can burn up to 500 calories or more.

a) Unique Korean Fitness Dance Music-Mapping 
b) Inhouse aerobics rules -easy to follow & help you remember lots of songs (without any effort!)

Suitable for first timers and new generations- We use Popular moves that are arms-and-legs moves with little body isolations so everybody can follow!

The moves can be dancey, combat, aerobics, fitness or even sassy, depends on the songs chosen by instructors. It is stylish, trendy and entertaining.


People have reported losing up to 10Kg when they join us, looking youthful and happier!

Compared to other fitness dance program, Kpop X Fitness has good fitness intensity to improve your stamina, coordination, flexibility and best of all, you don’t even know you are exercising. Just having fun! One session of Kpop X Fitness is equivalent to one hour of running and ten times more fun!

When it is fun, it is sustainable and do-able.


CREATIVE ( in workout)
One song you will ride a horse, next play a basketball, ride a motorbike, or do a fantastic baby (Big Bang) signature moves, Yes or yes (Twice) , even do a dance-fight, the sky is the limit when comes to creativity. Very different from traditional fitness dance program where moves are repeated & “recycle” regardless of music. Here each song is assigned an identity/personality. Only in K-pop-X Fitness.

Do you know?
Our instructors/ participants can call out the names of the songs simply by looking at the picture of a dance move. (Amazing isn’t it, uniquely KpopX Fitness)

Creativity is taking over on stage too
KpopX Fitness is also the very First fitness dance programin the world where instructors come together and present fitness in amazing K-Pop dance-like formation. Even schools/company D&D have engaged our instructors to teach their staffs and students on how to present on stage as their own performance. (This means extra incomes/jobs for our instructors!)

Do you know? 
The TOP 5% MOST SUCCESSFUL & BEST PERFORMING Instructors actually follow our choreographies and tutorials very closely.

If you can dance like our videos, you have the potential to become an international presenter.

 Kpop X Fitness is one of the easiest to learn Fitness dance program in the whole world. 

Is Kpop X Fitness Fitness recognised internationally?

Yes. Approved Continuing Education Provider with  8 CEUs (AFAA) and 0.8 CEUs (NASM) AFAA stands for Aerobics and Fitness Association of Americaand NASM stands for National Academy of Sports Medicine.   Also endorsed by EMDUK– A National Body governing Group Exercise in UK - United Kingdom.

Also adopted by Singapore Health Promotion board, Singapore Sport Centres and Singapore Community Centres since June 2013.