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kpopx fitness

No More Boring Exercises! Experience a variety of styles in KpopX Fitness



KpopX Fitness (Read: K-Pop-X Fitness)

A New & Trendy K-Pop Workout that simplifies modern Korean Pop dance & combines with fitness exercises to help you lose weight & tone up in a fun & easy way! YAY!

Consists of mostly arms-and-legs-moves (so you don't have to worry about not knowing how to dance) along with many varieties & styles. KpopX Fitness is suitable for young & old!

Come try this Easy, Popular, Intense & Creative workout

KpopX Fitness is E.P.I.C,



Program Structure

  • A moderate-high intensity class, our trainer also encourages all to do it at-own-pace
  • K-Pop Creativity, easy & mostly arms-&- legs moves (Everyone can do!)
  •  Workout is 40 – 45min only (consists of 13 songs). As we believe in having fun -Short & Sweet so you want to come back and exercise more!  
    Other benefits are workout is  sustainable & can reach effective intermittent trainings (Help in weight loss). 
  • If requested for an hour,  trainers will teach some basics and signature steps before start & during water break. We do realise participants move better with more awareness when trainers teach some fitness and steps knowledge. (Awesome!)
  • Please also note that the lesson may still end several minutes early for an hour class.
  • For corporate events – Class can be customised into shorter e.g 20 min or longer workout, depending on requests. 

Workout Structure (1 session 40min - 45min)
Trainers to explain some steps before start & during water break.

  • First Half - Warm Up Song 1 follow by Song 2 To Song 7. 
  • Mid way - Quick Water Break 
  • 2nd Half - Song 8 to Song 12.  Song 13 – Cool down

With a clever intermittent fitness training concept embedded in our fitness dance, our program is of shorter duration and highly effective for weight loss, getting fit & toning up!

Check out - Free Videos or Tutorial pages – lots of styles and varieties to cater for everyone’s needs.

If you like a KpopX Fitness class for your company workout – contact us! or whatsapp to +65 9105 9821 Mon – Thurs 10am to 4pm.  Sat/Sun Closed. Email is preferred.



Suit Seniors or those who wants low impact Modified Moves to lower intense KpopX Fitness -Family Bonding (POPULAR!) Hire two KpopX Trainers with one trainer doing LITE & the other doing Fitness so you can cater to everyone needs!  Suitable for big crowds with wide age groups Most Popular seller for companies workout/events. KPopX Fitness- Kids Our KpopX Kids program helps children to become stronger, happier & prevent obesity. Amazingly KpopX Fitness is also mind stimulating due to our Creative Movements! Lots of benefits for the children! Come experience this international fitness program now

Get the Best of Both Worlds - Blast those belly fats with Cardio & Abs Toning Exercise in this 50 mins Workout. First half of the session you will experience kpop X Fitness to burn off the calories & 2nd half to focus on getting a lean and toned mid section!

KpopX -Performance  (Save Half the time in beautifully on stage/D& D events!)  Want to perform on stage for D&D? or Graduation day etc? And don't have time to learn MV dance? Use KpopX Fitness -simplied MV moves made easy and stylish!

Contact Us to engage our trainers now! or whatsapp to +65 9105 9821 (closed on weekends)