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FAQ (Hiring our trainers?)


1) What are the services?
Dan-Z Fitness Pet Ltd is the creator of popular fitness program - KpopX Fitness. We can provide you with trainers for conducting KpopX Fitness, or even other classes (E.g. Yoga, Zumba, kickboxing)

2) What are the charges required to hire a trainer?
For 100 pax and below - our charges are $135++ per full pledged instructor. If you like to book more trainers, the prices are negotiable. For 100 pax and above, please email us for enquiries. If you are from RC/CC/ or SC, there is a subsidized rate. Kindly contact our administrator.

3) Are there any transport fee required?
Depends on location e.g. Tuas and timing. If yes, will be a minimal of $15 up.

4) Can KpopX Fitness be conducted indoors or outdoors? is there a need for mirror?
KpopX Fitness can be conducted both indoors & outdoor and there is no need for mirror.  Any room is fine as long as enough space to dance workout.

5)  What details do I need to furnish you with?
Event, Date, Time, Venue. Number of participants coming. if you require trainer to bring portable speaker please inform upfront.

6) How fast can you get a trainer?
We have more than a hundred of trainers in our group chat and once confirm the job, admin will send out the job notice to them immediately and awaits for reply. Trainers received the sums and the ones that are available or keen in the job will reply to us. We will then pick the ones that suit the job criteria the most. We are unable to post out the job if the details of the jobs e.g. time/date/venue are incomplete or not confirmed.

7) Do you provide speaker & public performance license
Speaker - we will prefer if organizers can provide them. Some of our trainers do have a portable speaker (for a small room size) and if instructed, they will carry with them. Should you need speaker, please do give our administrator the details. For speaker suitable for 100 pax - it is available for rent at $149. Public performance & music licenses -we do not provide them. Please approach COMPASS or event organizers to assist you.

8) I have a big crowd size with different fitness demands need & age groups, what can I do.
Hire two KpopX Fitness Trainers aka KpopX Fitness- Family Bonding, one will do a lower intensity, modification (e.g. at slower and easier pace)  while the other will do KpopX Fitness. This is possible because our choreographies are fixed and see this example here.

First love by Clon
Do note that sometimes the differences can sometimes be minimal depending on the songs chosen.  This is because our Founder Maddy Lim designed the dance fitness moves in a way that almost everybody, young or old can do!

 9a) Why is KpopX Fitness only 50min and not 1 hour?
KpopX Fitness is designed to be an effective fitness workout that allows one to achieve cardiorespiratory benefits. We advise to keep the fitness routine as it is to achieve the best out of it. An efficient & interesting KpopX workout that yield results with much lesser time will help you as an organizer to draw more interests in signing up too.

9 b) But my corporate is used to 1-hour timing so can I still request for one hour please?
Yes, you can. This extra 10min can be used for marking attendance in the first 5 to 10min, teaching basic steps, mirror image etc. & give a longer break in-between. Both trainers and coordinator to please help inform the class that KpopX Fitness is a 50min fitness program that allows one to dance up to 12 or 13 songs. Our trainers must plan this properly and to report to you 15 -20min before class starts and will have to end the class on time. Please inform us if our trainers do not adhere to this policy and we will replace them for you.

10) What if I need to cancel the class last minute?
We seek your understanding that conducting classes are our trainers' bread and butter and they could have taken on other jobs if they haven't been booked. Please confirm the job before booking the trainers. We advise to get the schedule ready before booking with us.

 11) What is the difference between KPOP Dance and KPOPX FITNESS?

Dance class usually means that they emphasize on precise dance moves and lesser on fitness intensity and burning calories. Fitness class like our uses K-Pop theme and dance moves and cleverly make them into an interesting exercise. You will find yourself getting fitter, stronger, better coordination, move faster after attending 4 or 6 sessions in a row! Guarantee! Over a period of time, participants have said KpopX Fitness has helped them to lose weight, look and feel younger too.

11b) Can you tell me more about KpopX Fitness?

Think of KpopX Fitness as a form of modern aerobics and it is easier to do and suitable for young and old.  This is because compared to other fitness dance program, we use mostly arms & legs moves, minimal body isolation moves. We also have variety genres of songs, so for example, if you have a VIP or CEO joining the workout, tell our trainers to choose more songs with easy or modified moves to follow. For army camps - we also tend to pick more males songs with punches and kicks. For seniors citizen, we have easy and soothing females cheerful songs to entertain all etc etc. 

 12) I am a first timer and have no dance background. What can I expect?

In your first lesson, you may not perspire that much because you are unfamiliar with the aerobics footwork yet. But don't worry about the moves and if you are doing left hand or right hand, just follow the trainer and enjoy the music and dance. By the time you are on your 4th lesson, you will find yourself moving like a Pro! For faster learning, you can also refer to our YouTube channels - kpopx fitness official YouTube channel and dance at home!


13) Can I choose the songs to play for my events/Class? 

Like all fitness programs, there is a certain fitness intensity arrangement in KpopX Fitness to benefit the participants and our trainers are trained to pick songs not just suitable for crowds' profiles but to allow for a good fitness workout. 

One example of our fitness intensity arrangement as below
song 1 - Warm up song 
song 2 - moderate intensity
song 3  - high intensity
song 4 - recovery song (slower intensity)
song 5 - moderate- high intensity
song 6 - moderate intensity
Song 7 - High intensity
water Break. 
song 8 - moderate-high intensity
and so forth........ 
For clients to want to pick all the songs - it means that you will need to go thru more than 200+ of our videos and understand the fitness intensity and purposes behind each designed choreographies  and the lack of KpopX fitness trainings will likely result in outcome not as desired too. 
It is better for our trained trainers to choose for you please, please be assured that trainers had been to many events and they will be able to pick the right fitness arrangement along with catchy songs to entice the crowds while fulfilling the program fitness structure. Remember to provide them with the crowd profiles - e.g age, first timers or not and some specifics, example, to have more males songs, cater to people who cannot dance, first-timers etc. 
Upon saying that, you can however choose a few of your favourite tunes  from our array of short previews from the link below (constantly updated);


Enjoy! Fighting!