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send us the followings

1. your picture (with transparent background)
2. class link

3. class QR code.
4. Sign up date/day/time
5. course fee
6. centre name/venue.
7. studio logo if needed. (usually putting centre logo need to be approved for posters so can be a hassle, so if possible, do without.)

Our service for doing above is only  30 credits  or $30 cash. members/trainers - You can now buy credits at our "huge sales" go to this link -(each credit is only $0.66, so 30 credits = $19.80! Good price!) Go this link:

1. You will have to pay advertising fee to facebook/IG) - budget $20 at least or more. (this budget depends on you) 

2. Add cart. Check out -for credits - pls pick "redeem credits"

3. Trainers go to - trainers' account - education tab - "How to make transparent pic, photoshoot & poster." 

    If you have time, & want to appreciate digital marketing - read this 

    Grandmother's story.

    Once upon a time, in yr 2012 Nov- Dec, Maddy started her very first Kpop Fitness Class in  Outram first aid room. Every Mon, Wed, Fri, she would be at Outram MRT before 7am so to catch the peak hour crowd to distribute flyers.

    Lunchtime - she would head to Maxwell Market with employed students and gave flyers to the crowd.

    In the evening, she headed towards bus-stop and MRT and gave flyers to people knocking off work.

    Putting up notices/board is an illegal act in SG, but it was effective, so she would hang it up for the day and quickly took it down before police comes.

    She did this consistently for 6 months. No, she did not enjoy giving out flyers at all, she wondered at times why would she do this and gave up her previous good job but 3 months later, she become used to it and enjoyed waking up early to work (without income)

    Her flyer was picked up by a journalist one day and she featured KpopX Fitness on one whole page on Chinese morning newspaper.

    By this time, Maddy had moved to a dance studio A&J Chinatown Point. Someone big from People association read this piece of news and asked his staff to come down and visit Maddy's class and to have Kpop Fitness in Community Centres.

    In  June 2013, Maddy set up a company and renamed her class to KpopX Fitness, then started more classes in Community Centres after that....... by cold calling coordinators. Some classes she sent trainers in, other classes she went in, started the ball rolling & handed over to other trainers. Several years later, Maddy's company exited PA as operator, move onto working in overseas/skillsfuture and gave trainers full control of their classes.

    Till this day, from years of management and being a boss vs freelancers, Maddy will tell you this "don't be a boss, there are too many things, many risks & responsibilities including taking care of others and managing business-many-departments. Be a freelancer instead as you are responsible for your own success and you can still make good income, have a lot of free time, (keep learning skills-different type of useful skills -include marketing & sales) and enjoy freedom & success. 


    PS: NEVER NEVER run a business if u cannot do/hate marketing & sales -coz that's where all your (current & future) income will come from. No sales, no biz. (commonsense ignore by some)