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10 April 22 -230pm to 530pm.

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    • Venue: Kampong Glam dance studio 

    • Learn Engagement skills

      230pm - 330pm.
    • Engagement skills -expressions/eye contact -where to look? Don't stare! Don't look down. (Practical - let's practice facial without dancing. Lol.)
    • How to communicate with right tone? handles expectations, bond with class, check class intensity. explain tutorial benefits.
      • Advance skill- back facing when needed ( theory only - if no time to practice)
      • breaking down steps - progression on the spot. 

      330pm - 5pm
    • Verbal cueing - Know your SEMI- CPRS, The Tone of your voice matters.
      verbal cueing - useful terms, at which count to say " repeat, other side, count down 4,3,2,1. call out moves name.

      5pm - 530pm
    • Body Cueing ( 1% only -as we have many arms & legs moves so avoid body cueing), learn only the useful ones. Less is more.

    • Precue dance moves using count 8,  or 7 and 8.

    • Songs to learn before you come -as an example used during practice above.

      Smiley, Pirates,  Rokkugo (Know the order -Chorus 11 C12 C SP, C 112 End.)   (may not use all three songs depend on timing)

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  • will need 8 pax to confirm class , first-come-first-serve so hurry and sign up!