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FAQ - After trainers' Course

 After Trainers' course FAQ

After attending our trainers' course and you have gotten your certificate/valid license, how to get started?

1. - How to get more?
You are given enough free materials at first to kickstart your career as instructor.

 If you find yourself needing more Trainers' materials you can purchase smaller packages or Top up at low costs here -in below link

2. How to get jobs and experience after course
For Singapore - We will put new instructors in a trial whatsapp group for up to 3 months and we will inform if there are jobs available or shadows jobs for you to volunteer to go and gain exposure and networking.
Reply only if keen, no need to reply if not keen.

If you wish to opt out of this grp, pls inform our admin at 91059821

We also have a group 1 for permanent trainers subscribers and more jobs are given out there by other experienced trainers/coordinators. No Spam allowed, any jobs postings/reliefs for kpopX or even other program are allowed.

     2a. To be  shadows - often no criteria needed as shadows are often there to follow lead instructors and we want to give opportunities for new trainers to build up skills. 

     2b. To take up jobs as lead trainers - see below (anyway, in the job post, usually coordinator will list the criterias needed)

3. For Jobs applying with any studio/gyms/health promotion board or its vendors for jobs when you are confident in presenting. Each employers have their own criterias and please follow theirs. Dan-Z Fitness is not involved and there is no need to seek our permission or to go thru our in house assessment. 

4. For Applying under People Association - Community Centres, the criteria is at least 2 years of teaching fitness dance programs (e.g zumba, aerobics,) and you can apply by downloading PA Trainers form at

5. For applying to teach under Sports Centres- ActiveSG. Dan-Z Fitness is the operator (meaning we can send instructors to teach in Sports Centres classes and or events), so you can apply thru us - please see above. 

After passing our mentors' assessment - mentors will email us your assessment form and you can start submitting your CPR-AED.First aid cert to us too and apply for jobs whenever we post it to group chats.

6First Aid, CPR-AED for conducting KpopX Fitness Program 

To take up first aid, CPR-Aed, it must be NROC recognized - please see this link or

7. I took up a paid job or paid shadow under Dan-Z Fitness Pte Ltd,
What should I do?

  • Always arrive 20 - 30 min early.
  • Check with your Lead trainers what are the songs, be well-prepared
  • Wear KpopX unless told otherwise
  • Be presentable, be friendly, smiles on stage always
  • Be polite and helpful to organizer, coordinator
  • Never market a class to participants esp the class is not under the employer (it is poaching and it is inappropriate). If in doubt, ask permission first.
  • If lead trainer, call coordinator few days in advance to ask for participant's profile, speaker cables, connector etc, be well prepared.
  • Poaching (taking business away from your agencies is a No No, as it guarantees no one will trust you to give you any work in future and there are many vendors/employers out there, so maintain good reputation and dignity)
  • Find out organisation rules e.g if you work in Sports Centres and follow their procedure strictly. e.g SC or CC trainers are not allowed to collect course fee directly from students -ask students to go to counter)

 Often Lead trainers and coordinators kept a close eyes on newcomers and if you are well prepared, helpful, easy to work with, they will be happy to work with you again or offer more opportunities.

8. How to claim pay from Dan-Z Fitness Pte Ltd

Pay claim under Dan-Z Fitness Pte Ltd - go to >education > SG trainers only - look for timesheet claim , download timesheet from Resources tab and follow the claim.
For other companies -please follow their procedures.

Thank you.