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21 July 24 Sun 12pm to 9pm 1 day course. (Bedok Heartbeat ActiveSG #04-01) 

22 Sep 24 Sun 12pm to 9pm 1 day course. (Bedok Heartbeat ActiveSG #04-01) 


👍To claim skillsfuture or/and UTAP - Do not pay us here. Fill in this form first - UTAP /SSG FORM :

For cash and NOT using credits, choose here to pay 

👍FREE 1 year KpopX Fitness videos & Trainers' tutorials (worth $400+)

👍Master Modern Aerobics footwork (Suits First-timers)

👍Experience - Learn to Be a successful, happy & attractive presenter

👍No Tests! Fun & Enriching, Get 1 Year certificate so to be employable as an instructor!

👍Excellent reviews 4.8 out of 5 on skillsfuture website!

SkillsFuture Credits (Singaporeans Only 25yr old & above)

For skillsfuture (singaporean pink ic, at least 25 year old) We will need to give you an invoice so you can upload to upon signing up - click on this google form to sign up now!

Please DO NOT pay us here if u plan to use skillsfuture - apply to Skillsfuture first, if u have choose to use partial credits payment, then pay now to us later once you submitted your invoice. ALL Refund will subject to $20 bank/admin processing fee.

KPopX Fitness is endorsed by EMDUK (The national governing body for group exercise in the United Kingdom) & is recognised by the Athletics & Fitness Association of America™ & National Academy of Sports Medicine as an Approved Continuing Education Provider.


Above 60yr old get free Lite cert too!

Contact :SG +65 9105 9821 (WhatsApp) or email:


Note: If Any, discount/promo code is only applicable at and not applicable to claim at our product at All rights reserved by Dan-Z Fitness Pte Ltd. 

How to Check Skillsfuture Credits

*Singapore Citizens aged 25 or above by 31 December 2020 will receive the SkillsFuture Credit Top-up of $500. 

1. Login to with Singpass
2. Go to "skillsfuture credits" and see this..(on left side)
3. Check under "initial skillsfuture credits"  (career transition credits cannot be used)


How to check skillsfuture credits and submit invoice. 
1) English explain (updated April 2024) -
2) Mandarin explain  (updated April 2024)  中文翻译-


👍To claim skillsfuture or/and UTAP - Do not pay us here. Fill in this form first - UTAP /SSG FORM :

Skillsfuture + UTAP credits (NTUC or NICA member)  Example
Skillsfuture - minus $100 (amount chosen by trainee)
So course fee $349 - $100 = $249. (pay cash to dan-z fitness)

UTAP 50% Cash paid - $249 x 50% =$124.50

Trainee claims after course UTAP $124.50, submit course cert and invoice to (Singpass login)

UTAP Credits (NTUC or NICA member ) Example
course fee $349, 50% claim = $174.50. submit course cert and invoice to (Singpass login)

To claim 50% of Cashout payment - after course, you will use invoice and certificate to claim from NTUC  more details given in your email .

AFTER Certification,
Get $250 or $500 UTAP credits For trainers with valid fitness licenses 
- To learn about free NROC ActiveGS sign up and Get 1 year Free NICA/NTUC union membership with SGD$250 or $500 Utap credits please click here to learn more