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FAQ (Online Instructors' Certification course)

FAQ  –  Enquiry on Online certification 

Q1. ONLINE KpopX Trainer's certification - Is online certification good enough?
Yes,  suitable for those with discipline or even with fitness dance background. There is no test too. Once sign up, you will receive your materials and certificate via online.

Q2. What is the difference between Online Certificate course versus attending the one-day course in person.
Online certification is for those who is willing to do distant or self-learning, unable to attend our course in person due to busy schedule or course unavailable in their country/state. You will learn via our website materials (see above). There is no test/exam. 

Compare to attending the course-in-person means you will get to practise with our chief trainer or founder and you will still be given the same online materials to learn at home after that.

You can have the best of both worlds, sign up for online certification now and then come down to our next available instructors' courses too.

Q3.  What do I get upon signing up online certification course? 
Refer to this link for more details -


Q4. . How do I sign up?

KpopX Fitness is easy-to-learn and fun-to-teach, we have many trainers started with us without any background & enjoy it.

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If needed - Mode of payment and Bank transfer details:

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OCBC Current Account: 527-869143-001
Company Full Name: DAN-Z FITNESS PTE LTD

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