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SkillsFuture Fund for New Sign Ups

FAQs For New Enquiries


Skillsfuture is now available for you to use for One day Singapore Kpop X Fitness instructor's Course ($349) In Oct 2020, SG gov will top up $500 into all Singapore Citizens Skillsfuture account and there will additional $500 for those above 40 Year old.

1. To Apply WITHOUT skillsfuture Credits 

Please sign up at Be an instructor -payment, credit/debit/bank transfer. Please note you cannot use this platform to claim skillsfuture. See below for how to claim using skillsfuture.

    How to Apply WITH SkillsFuture Credits at

    To start signing up at, KpopX FItness Co. aka Dan-Z Fitness Pte. Ltd will need to give you an invoice so you can upload it upon signing up at

    (refer to the course date & time here > (

    Please provide us the following information by emailing to us (Reply within 3 Working days) 

    Course Date:  ____________
    Time : ____________

    1) You Full NRIC Name :
    2) Full NRIC:
    3) ID Type Blue or Pink:
    4). Address :
    5) Mobile Number :
    6) Email Address (for emailing the invoice to you):
    7) Skillsfuture Credit - Full Amount - SGD$349: Yes or Partial
    8) If partial, Kindly indicate here the amount : _________________(note remaining amount have to pay by cash)

    The slots are first-come-first-served. Kindly email us the above details soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

    We will then email you an invoice and a 5-easy-steps instructions to applying at

    3. Can I miss an hour or two during the course?

    If you are using skillsfuture credits - yes you can, note there is no refund or pro-rate of course fee.

    A simple Assessment (not test) and certificate is given out towards the end of the day, so please be present for this segment.

      4. Can I do partial claim for skillsfuture?

      Yes you can. The remaining you can pay in cash to Dan-Z Fitness Pte Ltd please.

      Please make sure the invoice we give to you accurately reflect the partial payment too, so it can be approved by