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FAQ (About Instructors' Course)



The Top 5% KpopX instructors made 3 to 4 times more than a regular instructor in SG and they followed tutorials and materials very closely. 

KpopX Fitness is the EASIEST Fitness Dance program with most creativity in the World. 

We are looking for international presenters, being our instructors mean you can potentially become a KpopX International presenters too!

Q1. What to expect during the instructors’ course.

Suit first timers & beginners - We will teach you how to become a successful Kpop X Fitness instructor, there is no test during the course and you will get

  - certificate
   - Free trainers’ materials (worth $100+) at the end of course
  - in Yr 2020 , NEWFREE one year materials, no membership subscription for Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmmar, Brunei , our course running in developing countries to help them launch their career successfully. 
  - your name listed on our instructors’ website here

Q2. How long does the certificate last?
One year with free instructors’ materials worth (SGD$100 up to SGD$300) depends on location/countries conducted.


Q3. KpopX Fitness Instructors Course – Can I find a job after?

 Yes, you can. Kpop X Fitness is conducted in gyms, dance studios, companies workout or fitness day.  in some countries, the schools hire certified Kpop X Fitness instructors to teach Kpop X Fitness during their extra curriculum activities.

There is a growing demand for Kpop X Fitness instructors. So join us now!

Q4. Can we change/modify the choreographies?

Yes. All modifications techniques are given to you too in our materials for trainers. (Often Under Tutorials)

Q5. Can I do my own Kpop Fitness choreographies?

Yes. We advise you to do so after you (a) learn our formulas first (approved by USA/UK) (b) after you build up a solid trainer’s skills and have followers. 


 Q7: Will I take a long time to learn one song (choreography).
Kpop X Fitness is one of the easiest fitness dance program in the world. Suit beginners!   In the beginning, you have to learn 13-14 songs so yes it will take a while, After that you find yourself only need 15min- 30min to learn one popular choreographies -remember to look at our tutorials – you find lots of tips there!  You save a lot of Time and Money when you can learn a choreographies so quickly!  Our formulas allow you to learn fast.

Q5. I am a new comer, I’m not sure how to enter industry and start work

We created a group chat so senior instructors or studio owners can reach out to you by posting job notices into the group chat. Reply to the person-who-post-the-jobs privately when you are keen, ignore the text if you are not keen! It’s a great networking chat-grp. The group chat only allows jobs posting, news from KpopX Fitness and no chit-chat, no spam, no selling other stuff allowed. 

For other countries,
Our tips to you is prepare your lesson/presentation, email into studio/gyms doors for an interview. It’s the new generation workout - KPop X fitness! Why wouldn’t they want you?!

We have lots of room to grow and conquer the world! Join us in expanding and introducing this exciting program to the rest now!